Winter Growth: A Time For Re-Imagination…

98107841Traditionally, for many of us, January through February and possibly into March is one of the bleakest times in the year. I remember when I used to work for Local Government virtually every colleague would ensure that they kept at least one or two annual leave days specifically for the period between January and March. The reason for this was always because, if you had no leave left for these few months, it literally would feel like an eternity. The mornings are dark, the days are often cold and the nights draw in very early every single day. On the face of it, this time of year is utterly hopeless. And yet…

There is growth, but that growth is under the surface. Much of the new birth cannot be seen. One morning during this past week, I went into the bathroom and almost by chance I happened to look out of the window. At that moment I saw one single green shoot on an otherwise bare tree – and I was so reminded, that whilst it may appear that nothing is happening there really is new life being born.

It is the same with regard to The Urban House. This is a period of the year that most people are virtually in hibernation mode. Generating conversation is much more difficult for us at this moment in time, most of the people on our street are less likely to engage with us. And yet…

This is the time to be much more engaged in prayer, praying for the street to be won for Christ and taking the time to hear the Holy Spirit. Spring and Summer really will bring a change in both temperature and attitude, but winter is the time where the land rests, heals and preparation is made for inevitable new life. There are so many spiritual parallels in creation. Be encouraged even if you cannot yet see the growth.

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