Who’s Involved

Jon Stockley, together with his wife, Jo, moved to the county of Cheshire, England, in June 2011. His motivation and passion is to see communities transformed by the power of Jesus Christ. Jon and Jo are committed to changing the conversation about God within their local neighbourhood. They live on a street that has less than 30 houses and they are practically asking one question:

Can an entire street be won for Christ?

Jon says: “I believe that the answer to this question is a resounding YES, but I also believe that unless we change the way we do things we will continue to get the same results that we have been getting. So at The Urban House, we are following the principles for mission laid out in Luke 10:

1. We eat with our neighbours.

2. We endeavour to heal the people before us – meet their needs.

3. And when prompted to tell our neighbours that the Kingdom of God is near to    them.

Jo Stockley, Jo is Jon’s wife, best friend and greatest critic. It is said that behind every great man is a very surprised woman, and we will say no more than that. Jo has a background in nursing and is currently working in a local residential home. Both Jo and Jon love to have people visit them, to share the amazing gifts that God has given them.

Originally, Jo comes from Chester and so to be back in her native Cheshire is a real joy to her heart.

5 responses to “Who’s Involved

  1. God’s Throne, all the earth shall worship.

  2. awesome… go make it happen my brother, our nation needs more men like you with a street vision.

    A visitor from wales


  4. Jon, I noticed your tweet on LInkedIn asking why people say Christ was anti-religion, because of my links with David Dean who was our minister in Thornton Hough, but as I don’t twitter I had to reply in this way.
    As God, rather than only a man, Jesus is unique as a religious “leader” in that He didn’t aim to found a church, but to light us in His way. Because of our human weaknesses we have turned His message into a church-based religion, but no-one ought to blame Him for that! Is this the confusion in people’s minds which make them say he was “anti-religious”?

    • Thanks David, I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I guess I was thinking that there seems to be an obsessiveness about Jesus being anti religious at the moment and I am concerned that it is becoming a distraction to many. If we would all concentrate on Micah 6:8 and doing whatever it takes to please God both personally and corporately I am sure that ‘religion’ would become much more pleasing to Jesus. It is a journey for all of us, take care and God Bless, Jon

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